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My Story

Adversity. Disruption. Reinvention.

I am a trauma survivor. Each traumatic event throughout the course of my life has shaped my why and who I am today. My story takes you on an honest journey about overcoming adversity through disruption and reinvention, and learning how to take back joy through the power of self compassion. 

"Reinvention begins when you put yourself first above all else." - Arlene Worsley

My Expertise

Cyber Strategy & Risk

Program & Project Management

Crisis Management

Cybersecurity Career Mentorship

Reputation Management & Communications

Speaking Engagements, Published Works & Featured In


Because You Can

A collection of short stories and poetry of my successes, failures and everything in between.

When I publish a cybersecurity book!

It's finally here. With my esteemed co-authors Ali Khan and Gaurav Kumar, we proudly present our new, self-published book Because You...

Original Poem: When I say "Stop!"

When you look at me, what do you see? When I speak clear English, what do you hear? Do you see me as your equal? Or do you subject me to...

When I vogue

I'm very shy. A Myers-Briggs ISFJ personality type in fact. Yet, I stand out. It was noticeably uncomfortable in the beginning. When I...

  —  Manna Ko,

Hello, I’m Arlene Worsley 

An award-winning cyber risk and crisis management expert, national cybersecurity assistant instructor, guest speaker, mentor and co-author of Because You Can: Your Career in Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity does not necessarily construe fashion, lipstick, lessons learned and inspiration. As a woman in cyber, that's where I come in. I am courageously sharing my trials, triumphs (and love for fashion) to help you discover that you can overcome challenges that #womenincyber face and achieve great things. When you can see what you can be, your cybersecurity career and your truest self can be en vogue. #becauseyoucan

You can be scared and really ready.”

Behind the Name

Cyber & Sapphire is a statement, a brand, a symbolism of my personal and professional journey from then to now.

Cyber = Casting my fears aside, I found the courage to take a leap of faith and pursue, with fervent passion, a mid-career transformation in cybersecurity.

Sapphire = A precious, durable gemstone exemplifying the uniqueness of me—a vibrant, fashion-forward and successful #womanincyber who has personally faced tremendous adversity and built resilience by finding self compassion and joy.

Cyber & Sapphire is where...

Fashion meets IT and lipstick meets cyber.”
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