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When I publish a cybersecurity book!

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

It's finally here.

With my esteemed co-authors Ali Khan and Gaurav Kumar, we proudly present our new, self-published book Because You Can: Your Cybersecurity Career. It is available now for purchase on Amazon across international markets as an eBook or paperback.

During a global pandemic and through tragic family losses, Ali, Gaurav and I found strength in each other to see this book to publication. Here is my letter.

Dearest Ali and Gaurav,

Thank you for bringing me along this incredible journey of co-creating and writing this book with you. I still remember the day you asked me to join you. I was fishing at Badger Lake in Alberta. After the phone call, I took a long pause and looked up at the bright sky. "Did that just happen?" I asked myself. "Did Gaurav Kumar and Ali Khan, two highly-esteemed and internationally-acclaimed cybersecurity experts, really ask me to author a book with them?"

Since the beginning of my career, I tried to hold on to the belief that all it takes is the right company and the right leaders to see my potential. My grip on that belief was a faded pulse by the time I entered cybersecurity. For a long time, I asked why the leaders I have had chose to not take a chance on me despite exceptional recognition and successes year after year. In that moment after the phone call, I realized you see my potential. You see me...and you wanted to take me on an epic journey.

That moment changed my life. And now here we are, celebrating the publishing of our book and each other.

Thank you for being the profound leaders you are. Thank you for modeling strength in the most difficult of times during the pandemic. Heart to heart, thank you for believing in me.


What are you waiting for? Order your copy or share with someone who would absolutely benefit from this book today!

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